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Commerical Law News July 2023
A Raft of new Patent Reforms are Being Introduced by the EU Just as They Adopt the Unitary Patent System
This patent system was intended as a continuation of EU harmonisation efforts in the area of intellectual property. However a trio of complementary reforms known as the “patent package” was also being applied.
Its draft rules, first put forward in April, will “make the patents system more effective by further ­eliminating Single Market fragmentation, reducing red tape, and enhancing efficiency”, according to a statement from the Commission. “This solid framework will empower economic operators and competent authorities to better protect innovation while ensuring fair access, including during emergency situations,” it explains.
Commercial Law Barristers will advise that Uk firms will have to be aware of not only the UPS but also other distillation of the new law.
Among the proposed changes is the creation of a more transparent and standardised method for Standard Essential Patents (SEPs). These are written for technology that has been declared essential for the implementation of a technical standard — for instance, 5G, WiFi, or Bluetooth, as well as audio compression and decompression standards.
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