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Barrister Fees

All legal fees are arranged between you and your chosen Barrister. The Bar Council urges Barristers to advertise their fees for particular tasks on their respective websites. No fees will be agreed or arranged with BarristerPages.

Typically fees are agreed with your Barrister in advance of a pice of work to be undertaken. This means that there will be no surprises at the end of the case. Payment is usually made in advance of the work being undertaken. This means no payments are held on account.

Hearings usually involve the payment of a ‘brief fee’ which means an advance payment which is kept by the Barrister whether the case settles or continues. This is then topped up with a smaller ‘refresher’ or daily rate depending on how long the case lasts.

Make sure that whatever you believe you are paying for is expressed in detail on the contract from your Barrister or their chambers.

Any questions about fees should be tackled in advance of the work undertaken.

Some Barristers may work on a Pro Bono basis which means without payment.

BarristerPages lists Barristers who work on a Pro Bono Basis.

Some organisation you can seek assistance from are:



Advocate is the Bar’s national pro bono charity that makes it possible for barristers to balance a dedicated practice with making a significant contribution to the community.

The Free Representation Unit

FRU has been providing representation in social security and employment tribunals since 1972. We help people who are not eligible for legal aid and cannot afford lawyers. Our work is done by volunteers, mostly law students and legal professionals in the early stages of their career. All FRU’s representatives are trained and supervised by our legal officers.

FRU provides representation in:

Employment tribunals (and the Employment Appeal Tribunal);

Benefit appeals in the first-tier tribunal (and Upper Tribunal);

Criminal injury compensation cases in the first-tier tribunal (and Upper Tribunal).


Tel: 020 7611 9555

The Citizens Advice Bureau


‘The CAB’ advises on a whole host of legal issues from small claims to discrimination.

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