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Daniel Bennett

Daniel Bennett


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My Specialisms, Experience and Qualifications


Daniel Bennett specialises in workplace injury and disease.

He is the Editor of Munkman on Employer’s Liability (14th – 17th Editions), the leading textbook on workplace injury and disease.

He works extensively with Union firms as well for non-unionised workers, particularly firms centred around representing migrant workers.

With respect to workplace injury, he acts regularly for injured workers on constructions sites, in factories, warehouses and in every type of workplace. He has extensive experience of every type of injury, including falls and falling objects, manual handling, mechanical equipment injury as well as trips, slips and collisions. He has acted many times in cases involving assault and violence in the workplace. He is very familiar with the workplace regulations, being the author of the chapters in Munkman on workplaces, construction sites, work at height, manual handling and work equipment.

He has worked on asbestos claims since 1993, with experience of every type of claim, including low dose mesothelioma, early exposure cases, disputed lung cancer and asbestosis causation claims.

He has a long history of other forms of occupational cancer, with claims involving benzene, trichloroethylene, acid mists and sun exposure. He is familiar with arguments concerning epidemiology evidence.

He has brought numerous acute inhalational injuries including from chlorine gas, hydrogen sulphide (group actions for sewage workers), mustard gas (group action for construction workers), styrene, glutaraldehyde, ammonia, welding fumes, nitrogen gas. Asthma claims have included isocyanates, glutaraldehyde, epoxy resins, latex and general dust/fume irritation. He brought the first ever nursing latex allergy, asthma and dermatitis cases from 1997.

Daniel is currently representing many injured or killed at work by Covid-19, including many nurses, paramedics and care workers. Other workplace infection cases have included:

Campylobacter cases for firefighters in flood water training – 3 group actions, in total some 200 claims
Legionnaires disease claims for hotel and swimming pool workers and claims for hospital patients
Aspergillus cases for various office workers
Q Fever group litigation in Newport for 64 factory workers
Chlamydia Psittaci litigation for street cleaners
Orf and Brucellosis claims for farm workers
Tuberculosis litigation for nurses and prison officers
Scabies litigation for prison officers

Daniel is also very familiar with vibration induced injury, repetitive strain injury and noise induced hearing loss (both acute cumulative)


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