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Instructing Your Barrister

You can contact your chosen Barrister via BarristerPages.co.uk. He or she will then contact you to suggest a way forward. This might be to have an informal conversation about how your Barrister works or the arranging of a paid face to face or telephone conference. This is entirely up to the Barrister to arrange with you.

A contract will be sent to you by the Barrister or his/her chambers and payment is made in advance of the work being undertaken. Barristers are urged by The Bar Council to publish their fee structure and their complaints procedure on their own website.

Public access is available for all types of work that barristers can do, except for work funded by legal aid. If the barrister considers that your case would benefit from the involvement of a solicitor, they will tell you so. Barrister opinions on this may vary with some Barristers not requiring the services of a Solicitor.

Many Direct Access Barristers have not taken the Litigation exam and therefore are unable to litigate. In most cases this should not be a problem as your instructed Barrister will guide you on how to, for example, fill in a claim form or how to draft correspondence. Your Barrister may also for example guide you on how to draft a witness statement.

Should your case involve litigation, you will be a “litigant in person” and will be treated by the court and the other side for most purposes as though you were acting without any legal assistance. If your case goes to court and you are not instructing a Barrister with the Litigation exam your name will appear in the court’s records, and all documents from the other parties and the court will be sent directly to you. Please note you can sometimes request that the court or tribunal and the other parties copy documents to a third party other than your Barrister.


Barristers are guided by The Bar Standards Board Code of Conduct and so you can expect the highest standards from your Barrister please see here (Link https://www.barstandardsboard.org.uk/for-barristers/bsb-handbook-and-code-guidance/the-bsb-handbook.html )

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