The Personal Data we Collect


Non Barristers


The ‘personal data’ referred to in this policy means any data that identifies or can be used to identify you. This does not include data where your identity has been removed (anonymous data).
The types of personal data collected through our Service include:

  • Contact data: Your name, phone number, and email details
  • Communications data: Any emails or messages that you send to us or records of telephone conversations that we keep
  • Credentials data: If you are a barrister, tour educational background, professional qualifications and other credential
  • Enquiries data: If you are using our website to find a barrister, the contents of your enquiry (you should not provide more information to us than you feel comfortable with and we would encourage you to only share any sensitive personal data with any barrister you connect with.
  • Transactions data: If you are a barrister and subscribe to our service, we will collect your payment details.
  • Technical data: Our website uses cookies (see below) which collects the IP address assigned to you or someone who provides you with.
  • Internet access, information about your device, information about how you arrived to our website, which country you are based in, how you navigated our website, and how you interacted with the content on our website
  • Your Data will Be Used for the Following.


Informing a Barrister of Your Case Details


Taking payment from Barristers (this should be undertaken by a reliable third party such as ‘Stripe’ or ‘PayPal’)

Barrister details will be taken for the purposes of joining the directory.

Your personal data will be hosted on servers within the UK. Whenever we transfer your personal data outside the UK or the EEA, we ensure that a similar degree of protection applies to your personal data in one or more of the following ways:

  •  ensuring that the country to which your personal data is transferred is deemed by the European Commission to provide a similar degree of protection for your personal data
  • entering into a specific contract that has been approved by the European Commission as providing a similar degree of protection for your personal data

Once your enquiry has been passed through to your chosen barrister, we will delete your contact data and enquiry data after a period of 36 months.

If you are a barrister, we will delete your contact data and credentials data once your subscription has ended.

We will retain personal data relating to email marketing until you unsubscribe, or your email address has become permanently unavailable.


Your Rights


You have a number of rights in relation to your personal information.  These are –
The right to confirm if we are using data about you and to access details about what we are using and how;
The right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office;
The right to request we rectify any inaccurate data corrected or to have data which is incomplete for the purpose we hold it completed;
The right to be forgotten.  Which is the right to ask us to delete information about you and if it is appropriate to do so we will do so;
The right to restrict what we do with data in specific circumstances, including where the accuracy of the data is contested, processing is unlawful but you do not want us to erase the data or if we only need the data to meet legal requirements;
The right to receive the data we hold about you in a format you can use to transfer the data electronically elsewhere.